domingo, 14 de julho de 2013

all the afternoons

"I remember one day when someone who did have the West Village number came to pick me up for lunch there, and we both had hangovers, and I cut my finger opening him a beer and burst into tears, and we walked to a Spanish restaurant and drank bloody Marys and gazpacho until we felt better. I was not then guilt-ridden about spending afternoons that way, because I still had all the afternoons in the world."

__Joan Didion, 
em “Goodbye to All That"

Autobiografia de Robert Graves, "Goodbye to all that" foi publicado pela primeira vez em 1929, quando o autor tinha 34 anos. "It was my bitter leave-taking of England", ele escreve no prólogo da segunda edição revisada de 1957,  "where I had recently broken a good many conventions." A obra traça a monumental e universal perda da inocência que ocorre como resultado da Primeira Guerra Mundial. 

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Erika M. disse...

all the afternoons in the world... my sweet dream. rs